Here at Allure we have several years of experience providing oilfield reclamation to seismic operations. This involves removing snow fills from water ways or draws, removing log bridges, clearing man made debris from creeks and streams, repair of craters and damaged vegetation, and removing pipeline crossings. However our operations are not limited to seismic, as it can be scaled up to facilitate your projects needs.

This is done through the use of low impact light tracked excavators which are mobile and able to traverse the difficult terrain and access areas deep in the bush with little to no environmental impact.

A strong commitment to safety is followed, with daily tailgates, field level risk assessments, and daily equipment inspections. All equipment is equipped with spill protection kits, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and two way VHF radios. Our operators are trained with industry safety tickets and all wear the required PPE while on the work site.